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Welcome to Chimera, The CoDependent Gaming Magazine. We cover lesser-known aspects of the adventure gaming hobby, leaving up-to-the-minute news and industry gossip to other venues. We specialize in small game companies, the conventions that are their lifeblood, and the unique culture of enthusiasts that has grown around both.

20 August 2012: Gen Con Continued

Elizabeth Galindorf

The dealer room review and homebrew costume spotlight sections of our Gen Con 2012 report are now available!

18 August 2012: Gen Con

Demonweb Queen

Llolth, Demon Queen of Spiders: A life-sized rendition of the famous D&D enemy.

Against all odds Chimera triumphantly returns to the Gamer's Mecca after a decade's hiatus.

This report debuts a new feature: photo zooms! Click on any photo (even Lolth here) to get a full-resolution version just the way our intrepid reporter shot it.

20 August 2011: Baltimore Comic Con

The Flash and Poison Ivy

The Flash and Poison Ivy outside the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Baltimore Comic Con 2011, our report on the East Coast convention, is up. A different show than the one in California.

July 20-23: San Diego Comic Con 2011

Captain America with his show partner (from the movie).

Captain America with his show partner for selling US war bonds, circa 1943.

San Diego Comic Con 2011, our report on the international phenomenon, is up. Comics, costumes, San Diego California!

(Note that this includes sections originally posted at blogspot for maximum reporting speed.)