Comic Con 2011: Thursday 21 July 2011

Reported by Robert Posada

Welcome to San Diego Comic Con 2011

San Diego Gas Lamp District

Thursday, 06:00 am, Pacific time. I took a flight into San Diego last night and now I am eating early breakfast to get in line to get my badges. Not badge. Badges. After the online registration debacle, we could not get four-day convention badges and had to get daily badges. This was only after hours of clicking on the website back in February. At least they are not making us line up each day to get badges. There are attendees already up and about, so I leave now to get my badge.


All kinds of lines

Some 20 minutes later, I get to the end of the badge pickup line. I am by Buster's in the marina. The line winds and doubles back, so it is more than the 0.6 miles Google maps reports. At least it is a cool San Diego morning. Regardless, I am grateful to be here with the fellow fans at one of my favorite shows. It has been too long since I was here.

In the picture are actually two lines, my badge pick-up line, and a line to attempt to get badges for next year.

Getting the badge

Eventually, hours later, I am at the top of the convention center getting my badges. I hope the rest of the con is not going to be as filled with lines.

Ready for the show

At long last, I have my badge and the cool, sturdy bag provided by the convention. They can be used as a regular bag, but can also be set up as backpacks. They have enough space, more than my backpack.

Thursday Photos

Eldritch magic wielder

An awesome costume of an eldritch magic wielder, who appears to be no slouch with the broadsword. Special effect courtesy of Chimera Magazine.

Venture Brothers characters

From "Venture Brothers", Doctor Byron Morpheus, Sergeant Hatred, and minions of The Monarch (I presume #21 and #24)

Super outfit

Comic Con has some of the best supers outfits. This is the new Dove, of The Hawk and The Dove.