Comic Con: Thursday part 2

Reported by Chimera Staff

More Thursday activity


I head over to the panel with my buddy, The Wildman, who has his own mini-report later in this issue. I had the wrong room, and thought I would have to stand in a line that went all the way to the marina. A cell phone call later, I get the correct information. Everywhere I look I see lines. I hope this is only because it is the first day of the show.

The New 52

The Penguin

DC is killing off its entire comic book line and starting all over with 52 "new" titles. The big thing at the show is to find out which titles are coming back and what was the rationale for the ones chosen or not chosen. The obvious choices like Batman, Superman, and Justice League are coming back. Batgirl is one that made the cut. Old villains like The Penguin will get a new, deeper look into their background and psychosis.


We were unable to make it to our last panel of the day, because the room filled up. Instead, we make a quick run through the dealers' room, where I spot Spiderman.

More Thursday Photos

Clever Centaur

The centaur costume actually moved the rear legs via a clever wheel mechanism.

Archer and Lana Kane

From "Archer", Sterling Malory Archer (Codename: Duchess), and top ISIS agent Lana Kane

Batman Family

Batman family, approapriately over the chalk mark. By this time of night, Batwoman and the Batchildren had taken off their masks.