Comic Con: Sunday

Reported by Chimera Staff

Sunday - Final morning

Jessie and Buzz Lightyear

Jessie and Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story series

My last couple of hours at the show were spent in the dealers's room. It was still very busy, but not as much as last night. Thinking about, the number of comics, games, and other fan products out the is overwhelming. There is not enough time to read them all if one has anything like a job or school.

Cool and sexy outfits

Two cool and sexy outfits

Overall, the convention was a lot of fun. The dealer room was often hot - thousands of persons generating the same as a hundred watt lightbulb each heats up fast.

Costumes in the dealers' room

Sexy outfit

The sexy outfits were everywhere


as were the fantastic outfits...


... as well as scary outfits

Farewell, for now


Swag from the show: the cool huge back/backpack, con, souvenir con book, Hulk ashcan (long before it is in stores), badges, and a couple of freebies.

Farewell to Comic Con

I take a look back at the San Diego Convention Center from my taxi on the way to the airport. Regardless of the challenges at the con, it was a fun show.