Comic Con 2011

Reported by The Wildman

The Year they lost the Plot

I am truly going to say this is the year Comic Con was no longer a comic con.

X-Men: Schism

The Cost

Rooms were outrageous. I stayed 6.7 miles away along the blue trolley line and it was US$107 a night. The Motel 6, 1 mile away was $159.99. Mike King told me rooms near the convention, not on the convention rate, were starting at $400.

Orange Trolley stop

Badges for the next year's show, if you were lucky to get one, were sold out in something like 4 hours for 2011 The server actually crashed twice 4 months earlier and it took comic con using a third party company to get badges out . For 2012 you can no longer get a 4 day badge at a discount. A 4 day badge is equal to 4 individual day badges and if you want a Wednesday Preview night it will cost you another $25. For the whole show it will cost you $175.

Being a Geek is cool!

Somehow being a geek became cool in recent years. I know being a kid in 70s-80s, you hid your D & D books and you never wore your Spider-Man t-shirt to school. Now people who never knew what the Silver Surfer's real name was, installed a hard drive, rolled a 20 on a Blue Dragon, or knew Sailor Moon was just one of the girls, are all claiming to be nerds.

Bender and cute girl

My buddy Robert and I ran into a fellow at Blarney Stone Pub in San Diego on Thursday night and he swore up and down he was cool because he knew Green Arrow was a hard core racist. I said, are you sure you read the Green Arrow. He said yes. I told him Oliver was the biggest lefty in the DC Universe. He said whose Oliver? He broke out his smart phone to prove me wrong and after about 15 minutes on Wikipedia he conceded he never really read comics.

Supermodel celebrities

Adrienne Curry, the first America's Next Top Model, and star of My Fair Brady and The Surreal Life, was on a panel this year, and I believe it was her first time. She claimed up and down at being a geek and didn't want to be known as a poser. Robert and I ran into her at the the Blarney Pub again, and she was dressed as a bondage Empire Officer, complete with hot shorts and riding crop.

Adrienne Curry

Even the illustrious Kevin and Bean (of Los Angeles' KROQ radio), after spending years belittling resident nerd and partner Ralph Garmen, have begun doing 2 days of broadcasting at Comic Con.

It's the place to be seen/There for the wrong reasons

The Cons have become a place to be seen and something you can tell everyone you went and you're cool because you did.

Fans and superheroes

While standing in line I began speaking to a local guy from San Diego (surfer guy) and and his extremely bored wife, who rolled her eyes constantly, and asked him what they were into and he said oh nothing, I'm just here because it's been in town my whole life and I wanted to check it out.

Captain America

Joe Quesada of Marvel always puts on a panel called Cup o' Joe. I believe he and Marvel have decided to make this their big all encompassing panel, to the point that they are not even putting on the mega shows on in the monster Hall H. I guess they decided the people at Comic Con are coming to their movies and better to use their star's time in more grey venues. They even had agent Colson and a new (or old) SHIELD agent Stillwell (He's a black dude and I do not know if he'll be named Jasper or not) from the old Nick Fury comics show up. They were there to promote the Avengers film and the Thor DVD/Blue Ray release.

See the video on YouTube of Shield Agent Poulson at Comic Con

Everyone else has figured this out about Marvel: after we got the really cool Captain America and the Thor t-shirts last year, everyone showed up this year. Robert and I stood in line for an hour to get seats in the back. But we did get cool Avengers t-shirts and in the correct sizes.

Deja Vu girls

But the most alarming was 4 bondage girls we spoke to in the Gaslamp Area. Two of them only covered nipples and pubic hair ... if they had pubic hair. I've seen porno films with girls with more clothes on and I actually believe it's illegal to go out in public like that. I got the pictures to prove it too. Comic Con pictures not porno girl pictures ...well, maybe porno girl pictures.