Convention Links

Chimera Magazine covers a number of game conventions across the United States of America. We will soon cover international conventions.

In the 1990's, we covered conventions local to the Los Angeles (California) area, as well as the venerable Gen Con while it was in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). Now that the magazine's staff is based on the eastern coast, we expect to shift the focus a bit, and in the early 2000's we've already seen an emphasis on Origins in Columbus (Ohio).

In addition, we've always had a sweet spot for I-CON in New York State, which is properly a science fiction con but has a gaming track.

Conventions We Try To Cover Each Year

End of March/beginning of April in Stony Brook, New York
Independence Day in Columbus, Ohio
Gen Con Indy
The largest game convention in the United States, late summer (August) in Indianapolis, Indiana

Conventions We No Longer Attend Religiously

President's Day weekend in Los Angeles, California
Memorial Day weekend in Los Angeles, California
Late June in San Luis Obispo, California
Comic Con
Late summer (July/August) in San Diego, California
Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles, California

Dead Conventions

Games University
Fullerton, California, in March.
Reno, Nevada - they splintered in October, 2000