PolyCon 2005: 101 Uses for Chainmail

The Dealer Hallway

Unlike other conventions, PolyCon doesn't have a big noisy hall full of dealers hawking their stuff. Instead, it's got a dedicated hallway in the dorm, and each dealer gets a room. These rooms often have a sign reading "playing Nuclear War, come get me if you want to buy something" or the like, which further adds to the informal cozy nature PolyCon is famous for.

Sandstorm RPG

Here we have Sandstorm, a new RPG from very-small-press Odin's Eye Gaming. It's set in a post-apocalyptic desert fantasy world that the publishers describe as a cross between "classic DND and Shadowrun."

Chainmail Bikini

What dealer room would be complete without a chainmail bikini? Miron's Mail Manufactory makes them to fit the whole range of gamer sizes -- contact them for pricing.

Chainmail Dice Bag

They also make these nifty and reasonably priced dice bags. Links are carefully constructed to be burr-free, so your dice ride safely with no scratches or dents.

Batting Practice

SCA Fighting Practice

While we sit on our rumps playing games, the local Society for Creative Anachronism group is out practicing their picturesque martial art.

SCA - Longsword vs. Polearm

Fortunately the weather is favorable — partly cloudy and fairly cool, unlike the hellish sunbaked days I associate with SoCal summers.

SCA - Downed Knight

Right around when this guy goes down I end up explaining the whole SCA thing to an onlooker. It's easy to forget how embedded in weirdness we all are until you see it once again through a normal's eyes.