PolyCon 2005: Generation Gap

Pirates and Chariots

Pirate's Cove

Though not as ridiculous as my airplane or time-travel obsessions, I've always liked pirate games. This is a new one called Pirate's Cove, by Days of Wonder. (New to me, anyway. Astute boardgamegeeks know this as the American release of Piratenbucht).

Can I see the stick first?

John likes this game so much he's moderating the tournament. Here he is modelling the prize that co-moderator Rachel Wood scrounged up. "Pirates, my eye!"


After getting my butt kicked by the younger generation in Pirate's Cove I do a quick run through the miniatures room before packing up. Here's another time travel special: the Pirates! miniatures game, formerly from Seventh Street and now in 3rd edition from Flagship Games. Looks really nice; too bad I've got a family to support, or I'd fly out to Gateway this September just to see if I could get a game going with Chris Williams.

Circus Imperium

Circus Imperium has been a PolyCon staple forever, and this is Dave Martin's beautiful custom-built set. (That's real sand on the track there.) He's also modified the rules to make the game faster and more exciting, so if you're at future PolyCons be sure to stop by and check it out.

Chariot mini closeup

Here's a close-up view of a chariot miniature. They're ostensibly 25mm, and pretty big.

So Long...

Gamer Population II

John's adorable daughter Isabella, hopefully a representative of the next generation of gamers. "So long!" says she, as I make my departure from the con.

To try and make it back to Orange County at a reasonable hour, I have to bug out during the always-raucous auction. This is too bad – the auction is one of my favorite events – but that's the way it goes. As usual, I'm sad to see the con end, and given my geographic situation I'm unlikely to return for a while (it's not as easy to drive to San Luis Obispo from Pittsburgh as it was from LA).

If you're not as geographically challenged, PolyCon's a fun change of pace from the larger shows. I highly recommend checking it out, and look forward to hearing what the future brings as the convention leaves its ancestral home.